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About Us

Our Mission Statement

At Concord Summit Medical Group we are dedicated to improving the health of our patients with quality and compassion.
We operate under 7 core values:
  • Easy access to our care for you
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Commitment to Patient Safety
  • Across the board Excellence
  • Caring and Compassionate Physicians and Staff
  • Stewardship of your finances
  • Continuous Improvement
Concord Summit Medical Group is proud to serve you in any of your health care needs.

Our Philosophy

The physicians and staff at Concord Summit Medical Group are committed to meeting the primary care health needs of our Community. Our physicians serve their patients by being responsible for diagnosis and treatment within the scope of their training. They assist in sub-specialty and tertiary care referral when necessary. Each medical problem and referral is managed so that diagnosis and treatment is timely and takes into consideration the total medical and social condition of the patient, including the presence of multiple and interacting medical conditions.

The highest priority of Concord Summit Medical Group is to meet the personal needs of all patients entrusted to the care of Concord Summit Medical Group physicians and staff. Summit Concord Medical Group strongly advocates and promotes healthy lifestyles through Concord Weight Loss Center and through preventive medicine. The group believes that patient education and disease prevention through medical counseling are important parts of every health care visit.

Concord Summit Medical Group is distinguished by the quality of care provided and by its concerted efforts to reduce health care cost without sacrificing quality.

Concord Summit Medical Group combines the energies and expertise of their health care professionals to lead primary care in our community while seeking to provide the best environment for patients, payers, physicians, and staff in providing the most effective and cost conscious model of health care delivery in our area